Over all upgrading of the Inspectorate of Electricity, Assam
Safe use of electrical appliances and Inverters
PEL.01/2011/110 dt.7th February 2014
General Guidelines & Safety Measures for Temporary Electrical installation to ensure public safety Dated Guwahati 24th September, 2013
Notification dated 17th September 2013 regarding safety provisions during use and supply of electric power in hoardings, billboards, high-mast light supports, traffic signaling light supports and other objetcs, items, assemblies and arrangements in public places in the state of Assam
Office Memorandum
PEL.139/2000/53, dated 13th May 2005
PEL.139/2000/58, dated 13th May 2005
PEL/CEIA.96/2001/Pt-I/127, dated 20th April 2011
PEL.81/2002/45, dated 6th September 2002
PEL.42/2009/Pt/47, dated 9th August 2010
PEL.01/2011/103, dated 6th August 2011
PEL.81/2002/Pt/158, dated 20 th July 2007
PEL.139/2000/Pt/25, dated 23rd April 2010
MoP Notification dated 12th March 2007
MoP Notification dated 2nd March 2007